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Joined: 26th Jun 2014
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29th Jun 2014

Thought I would share my main char in WoW.

Name: Blackbird
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Warlock
Level: 90
Faction: Horde
Loves: Collecting Mounts
Hates: Trolls in Trade Chat

If you guys play WoW, let me know when you're on. I can PLVL and help take you places if you don't have a mount. I have 2 two seater mounts. Yes, you can "ride" me.

Also have a guild called "Prophets of Draconia" lvl25. So again, let me know, we have exp boosts and getting rep up with the guild is super easy, we have a few Bind on Account gears to really help with the exp.

If you haven't started, let me know before you buy!!! I can recruit you and from there we join accounts for 90 days. This means we can summon each other no matter where we are. We get a NICE exp boost when we are together. This will also give me 1 free month of play ad a mount o3o;; So send me your email and I'll send you an invite!

If you want to just try the game out first before buying, they do have a free trial. Lvl cap for that is 20.

I think that pretty much sums up WoW. I have been playing that game for 8 years....I haven't been on as of late because of FF14 lol I'm waiting for the expack to go live, so I'm taking a break from WoW, but I will play it when needed. 

I also have other chars, 5 lvl90s all together.

1) Blackbird -Warlock- 
2) Darkcrystal -Priest-
3) Whitethorn -Hunter-
4) Redxili -Druid-
5) Nelthilta -Mage-

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When you look at it, it kinda is. Kweh?!

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29th Jun 2014
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Joined: 27th Jun 2014
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30th Jun 2014

Sheesh i havent played in long time. I have mostly alliance but been wanting to switch to horde lol. Server is Dawngaurd. Kardnak-dwarf DK. Whitepheonix-night elf druid.......and theres more that i cant remember but those two are my main lvl 90's

Would you like some fan service my dear

Joined: 26th Jun 2014
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30th Jun 2014

Horde is awesome! But I dont mind making alli toons. I like the worgens I have an alli server too, but I rarely go on it

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When you look at it, it kinda is. Kweh?!

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