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Joined: 26th Jun 2014
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9th Jul 2014

Hey Chocobo Lovers,

Now that we have a stable, you can stable your chocobo and train him/her (if you have the greens for it)

To start training you must be lvl30 and have finished "My Feisty little Chocobo" quest. After that, the same quest giver will give you the next one that will unlock the training.

I will store some feed in the FC Chest when I can to keep everyone stocked with greens! I will also open up FC Chest Slot 3 to all ranks (but Inn Patrons) and use it for only Chocobo Training Feed. The Garden will be use to grow the feed as well. So if you have seeds, please plant them : ) I will tend to them for you.

To clean the stables, we need someone who is willing to lvl their Carpenter to 50 to make as many brooms we can fit. [Magicked Stable Broom] I don't know if this item is usable or we have to stack them and is used once. Buying them from the market board is not worth it, for just 1 it costs as much as a private room (300k+)

*Rumor: I read somewhere, depending on the feed you reward your chocobo with, will change the color of your chocobo.

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When you look at it, it kinda is. Kweh?!

Joined: 27th Jun 2014
Rank: V.I.P. Member
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9th Jul 2014

I can attempt at lvling my carpenter ;o

Would you like some fan service my dear

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