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Choco Garden
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Joined: 26th Jun 2014
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10th Jul 2014

We have a small house, so that means 1 garden. 

We have the large one, 8 plot. If we play our cards right, we can get more then what we planted.

  • Thanalan: Increased Chance to Intercross
  • La Noscea: Higher HQ chance
  • Shroud: Higher yields

Lets use the Shroud Soil for now to stock a huge amount of crops for training till we can figure out how and where to get the other seeds.

  • Krakka Root (Bought at the House Merchant at all House Wards at the top of the hill. 3k+per bag)
  • Curiel Root
  • Sylkis Bud
  • Mimett Gourd
  • Tantalplant
  • Pahsana Fruit
  • Thavnairian Onion

I believe we would need to Intercross a lot of other plants to get the seeds we need for the feeds. Don't know the cross charts for it yet, but we can play around with it.

-We would need a Minner lvl26+ to farm the Soils.
-A Botany to find the Chocobo seeds (don't know if they can be found yet)
-And Fertilizer. Crops grow faster and can be fertilized once per earth days. (It can be bought from a FC House Merchant or can be made by a Culinarian)

FC Chest Tab 3 is for ONLY Chocobo feed, soil, and fertilizer and the tab is open to ALL ranks BUT Inn Partons.

The only garden we own is only for chocobo feeds and its shared by all who can plant, so please have fun with it! We can also plant Glazenuts too, if we can find them. They are used to make the brooms we need to clean the Stables. 

Busy Bees!!!!

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When you look at it, it kinda is. Kweh?!

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