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I wish the tank would..... (Tanking 101)
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8th Jul 2014

Alright guys, this is gonna be a creative little twist on a general Paladin/Tank job tip thread for anybody looking to give the role a shot for the first time. I have been a tank for pretty much my entire MMO career, and I am just now trying a DPS role for the first time. In doing so I have noticed tanks making common mistakes that I knew to avoid, but also some irritating things I was guilty of myself as a tank that I am just realizing now while playing a DPS, thus the idea behind this topic. The purpose of this thread is not to berate or belittle any of my fellow tanks in any way, but rather to look at the mistakes we all make in order to learn from them and grow stronger.

1. Mark your targets PLEASE. This is when you mark the targets in a group of enemies with a number floating above their heads to represent the order in which you want the group to focus on. High priority enemies with nasty debuffs, for example, would be marked with a 1 while weak and slow meat shields would be marked last. On PS3 or PS4, you can set this to your hotbar.This makes things so much easier for the rest of the party when facing large groups of enemies. This can make all the difference when you get into the harder instances when a couple seconds of DPS can make the party wipe. 

2. Leeroy Jenkins is not someone to look up to. Pull mobs in small quantities from a distance using shield lob. Don't just go pulling every mob in the dungeon by bumping into them unless you know your party is up for it.

3. Use flash, not provoke. Provoke has a purpose for re-establishing enmity on a single runaway target in certain situations, but as far as the initial pull and establishment of hate goes this ability should not be relied on. Flash gives you much more enmity on multiple targets while also giving you a nice blind debuff

4. Protect the healer! This should be obvious, but it really can't be emphasized enough. Even as a DPS now, I would be totally ok with dying if it meant the healer was protected. The healer is priority numero uno, the DPS or tank can always be revived later. 

That's it for now, feel free to chime in guys and I will add some more later on.
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