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What theme should our house be?

First Floor: Office like with a front desk. Basement: as a special hot tub/bar area.
First Floor: Like a living room, very cozy. Basement: Hot tubs!
First Floor: Restaurant environment. Basement: Tables and bar with a hot tub.
First Floor: House like, mini kitchen area with a small living room. Basement: Some beds and hot tub.

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5th Jul 2014

There's some house rules I would like to share with everyone!

 I have the following Ranks that can add furnitures
V.I.P. Members
Honey Bee
( See "Ranks and Rules" Forum for the permission details )

I want everyone to have fun with our club house!!! So be respectful.

1) We can only have 2 merchants, so please leave them where they are. ( If you remove one they will be deleted!!! They cost 3k gil, so lets let them stay ) You are more then welcome to move them around.
2) We can have 100 Indoor furnitures and 20 Outdoor, so use the spaces wisely.
3) Don't sell the furnitures.
4) No limit as to where you can place anything! Be creative!
5) Lets not over do it. We will have our own private rooms soon.
6) If removing a furniture, place it in the FC chest for storage for later. 

Would love to make it as homey as we can with such a small space. Our house is open for visitors! So lets make it awesome so people wished they were a part of our hive


Shoutout to Ken Takeshi for finding the plot! Thanks dude! It's beautiful! 

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When you look at it, it kinda is. Kweh?!

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