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Are you tired, nya? Well you've come to the right place!
A Free Company for the mature and slightly nyaughty minded!

Server: Malboro
Founded: May 21, 2014
Rank: 8

House: Lavender Beds Ward 2 Plot 17 (Small)

We are a Free Company in the game of Final Fantasy 14, both PC and Playstation
Please help yourself to some honey and go wild with your imagination.
We are here to serve our special client----er I mean Members a comfortable and fun experience in the game.

-Role Playing *optional*
-Adult Humor-

Honey Bee Inn is from the world of Final Fantasy 7. That little blur at the beginning of that lego block game we all grew to love. It may have been a hole in the wall type place, but it had the best memories with Cloud. We have freshened up and remodeled the place for better hosting our members for a fun and easy time in the world of Final Fantasy 14.

Members, don't forget to check out the "News" page for blogs and such from your Inn Matriarch

Come join us! We'll bee waiting.

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